Travel in Vogue: A Chic Guide to Airport Attire

Travel in Vogue: A Chic Guide to Airport Attire

Airports aren't just for celebs to flaunt their fashion anymore–it's a global trend! Remember when comfy clothes were the go-to for travel? Well, those days are history. Now, in the age of influencers and random trips, what you wear to the airport shouts out your style sense.

But, hey, who made the rule that you can't have comfy & stylish both together? Today, when many of you are sacrificing your comfort to stay fashionable, we've got you the collection to slay the runway, being all cushy.

All you need to do is to say hello to Label SO US–your go-to for chic, travel-ready fashion. We've got your back, or should we say, your fashion ticket!

The Funky Fusion of Fashion and Functionality

Ever wonder why Label SO US is the ultimate tag team of fashion and function? Well, it's like having your cake and eating it too–but in the form of stylish outfits that actually make sense. Label SO US doesn't just clothe you; it equips you for a fashion-forward journey. It's the cosmic alignment of looking good and feeling good, making your wardrobe the superhero sidekick you never knew needed.

Label SO US Collection: Styles that Jet-Set Smiles

1)The Interlaced Casual Co-ords

Your journey begins the moment you step into the airport. That's why our Interlaced Casual Cotton Co-ord Set redefines airport fashion effortlessly.

Picture yourself strolling through security in relaxed fits, trendy side stripes, and a stylish and comfortable shirt. The dramatic front strings add an element of flair without compromising on ease.

It's the ideal fusion of style and practicality, so you can comfortably travel through airports and look ready for the flight when you get there.

Styling Tip: Pair it with comfy slip-on shoes and oversized sunglasses for that 'just stepped off the catwalk' vibe.

2) The Vintage Playful Co-ords

We've cracked the code to airport perfection with our Vintage Playful Co-ords. The white-black ensemble, punctuated by a pop of yellow, is more than an outfit; it's a journey companion. 

As you slip into the Printed Shirt and Cargo Pants, you're not just dressing for the airport but for the emotions, excitement, and adventures awaiting you. 

The chic fray hem and stitch-lined details in this western co-ord set subtly amplify the experience, reminding each step of style meets comfort.

Styling Tip: Throw on some sleek white sneakers and a statement watch–a simple yet effective way to infuse a touch of sophistication.

3) The Street Art Dress

We're rewriting the rules of airport fashion with our Street Art Dress. This knee-length Krylon Printed Dress is a canvas for self-expression rather than just a clothing item. 

The distinctive Reglan Sleeve Cutout Detail highlights your personality. Our blazer collar and tailored fit add subtle refinement in the middle of busy terminals. 

Embrace the mid-thigh length and full sleeves in this comfy airport outfit; this is the stylish beginning of your travel journal.

Styling Tip: Toss some statement earrings and your favourite sneakers or ankle boots to complete the look.

4) The Cityscape Co-ords

We're jazzing up your travel wardrobe with our Cityscape Co-ords. The green and pink hues effortlessly merge with the city's energy, mirroring the vibrant rhythm of the airport scene. 

Our Super Cool Krylon Printed Shirt, adorned with Striking Contrast Details, becomes your ticket to seamless style through security gates and beyond. 

Paired with One-Side Printed Pants, it captures the essence of a cosmopolitan adventure. We've curated this look for the urban explorer in you. 

Styling Tips: Accessorize with a sleek city-approved tote or a classic pair of sunglasses.

5) The Chill Out Long Shirt Dress

We're spicing up your airport fashion with our Chill Out Long Shirt Dress–a concoction of comfort and sass. 

Turning heads with the Cascadence Printed Long Shirt Dress, its stylish back yoke cut adds a touch of mystery to your journey. 

The relaxed fit and calf length make it a comfortable companion for those long flights, while the unlined design keeps you effortlessly chic. Did we mention the button opening? Well, it adds an extra dash of panache.

Styling Tip: Amp up the look with a chic belt and comfortable sneakers.


6) The Beach Escape Co-ords

We're flipping the script on fashion with our Beach Escape Co-ords. Our Straight Cut Pants and Twisted Top have a fitted style that works well for boarding and the beach. 

The stylish V-neck and twist pattern liven up your travel outfit. There's no better way to make a statement than opting for an outfit as stylish as this. 

Our tailored fit guarantees you won't sacrifice comfort on your travels while still looking elegant and snug.

Styling Tip: Wear these coordinated looks with wide-brimmed hats, comfortable sneakers, and sunglasses.

7) The Stellar Jumpsuit

We believe in improving your journey, starting with what you wear. The Stellar jumpsuit flaunts your fashion-forward mindset and ensures a hassle-free airport experience.

The sleeveless design keeps you cool, while the self-printed belt cinches your waist for that perfect silhouette.

The jumpsuit not only offers comfort but also an undeniable allure. 

Styling Tips: Pair this casual yet formal jumpsuit for women with oversized sunglasses and a floppy hat for a touch of A-list glamour.

8) The Easygoing Kimono Top

We are the secret to making every journey as amazing as the destination. Our drop shoulders and waist gathers provide a relaxed fit, ensuring you easily breeze through security. 

The lightweight fabric ensures a stress-free travel experience, while the unique and airy design keeps you cool during layovers and sets you apart in the crowd. 

This versatile piece effortlessly transitions from plane to destination. 

Styling Tips: Pair with comfy joggers and slip-on sneakers for a travel-ready look. 

9) The Pretty Pastel Jumpsuit

Jet-setting in style just got a lot easier with our Pretty Pastel Jumpsuit-the perfect travel dress! 

The waist tie-up accentuates your curves, and the front pocket detailing adds an effortlessly cool vibe and a playful touch.

The breathable fabric ensures you stay comfortable for both in-flight relaxation and that post-landing adventure. 

Styling Tips: Toss on a denim jacket for chilly flights or tie it around your waist for a trendy twist.

10) The Fluttering Sparrow Co-ords

We're all about stylish comfort, and these outfits for the airport are revolutionizing travel attire. 

Our printed shirt with playful side strings flutters with every step, harmonizing effortlessly with trendy side-striped pants.

While the side stripes offer a dash of trendiness, the airy fabric guarantees comfort on those lengthy flights.

Styling Tips: Throw on a leather jacket and oversized sunglasses to complete the look.

Why does Label SO US top the list for every travel occasion?

  • Distinctive Designs: At Label SO US, we take great satisfaction in creating unique, eye-catching, distinctive designs. Our travel apparel guarantees that you look fashionable while traveling and functional.
  • Print Perfection: We know how important it is to show off your individuality. With the variety of prints that Label SO US offers, you can select the one that best suits your style. We offer everything, from striking patterns to delicate motifs.
  • Breathable Comfort: Since travelling is so important, comfort can be a demanding experience. Our carefully designed, breathable fabrics keep you cool and comfortable throughout your adventures. They also adapt to different climates and help you stay stress-free.

Remember, airports are not just terminals; they're fashion arenas. So, sling that carry-on like a designer handbag and strut through security with the grace of a supermodel. Because, darling, your passport might be the ticket to travel, but your fashion game is the VIP pass. Time to board the flight to Fabulous!

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